Make Up in ten minutes

Make Up in ten minutes

Due to pandemic lots of upcoming and latest fashion trends were halted. Don’t worry is here to help you in figuring out how to look and feel the best for the events or celebrations.

Face contour and base

First, lets get the basics done. Applying the foundation gives your face a great boost and keeps them looking fresh and active all day long. Small tip: use moisturizers before foundation to let the foundation sit for longer. A common mis practice by ladies, is, they apply a lot of powder which then makes their face look dull so avoid it. Apply face contour and base in a small amount on the sides of your cheeks, then with a brush spread it around your face and neck (to get an equal shade). Looking great!

Magic in the eyes

Eyes play an important part in makeover or as we say “eyes are an index of your makeover story”.

Apply a bit of shimmer around your eyes and let it settle down for a while. For a smudgy look just swerve

it a little around your eyes while shimmer is wet or apply a darker shade for smoky or metallic eyes. The perfect liner is a must also because it adds a texture to your magnificently toned eyes. P.s. keeps the mascara light but prominent.

Lips don’t lie

Red has always been-IN for lipsticks. If going for a party go for a darker shade for mesmerizing everyone but while at home or office go for a more natural or light shade of lipsticks. Small tip to remember here is applying a small amount of lip gloss keeps your lips fresh and healthy.

Touch Ups

Now with the basics complete let’s add a bit of a spark to your beauty. Apply blushes to your cheeks of red or pink color shade and wooalah.

Wow! Looking gorgeous!

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