Too Hooked Up?

Too hooked up to learn about what type of cloths you are wearing or what to wear in summer? In come, thousands of cloths and fashion bloggers. Some great, others good but all are trying to get the information to you at the comfort of a touch, so you may catch up with the latest trends and fabrics for your fashionista personality. Chase Department Store wants to make it easier for you to decide what to see, read and then buy. Going through hundreds of catalogues, blogs and articles is difficult during these uncertain and fast times. We therefore have made it easier for you to read, then see and then order through our website or by visiting our store.

SUMMER IS COMING And So are Lawn Collections.

  “Lawn cloth is a type of plain weave fabric that is commonly made with cotton. This textile has a relatively high thread count, which provides it with a silky texture. Lawn cloth is usually made using combed yarn, but it can also be made with carded yarn. Due to the way it is woven, lawn cloth is usually semi translucent, which provides this fabric with a thorough or perfect appearance. Lawn cloth is relatively lightweight, making it a popular fabric for spring and summer women's garments”. When buying lawn carry out 3 small tests to check the quality of lawn, First and foremost stretch it with a slight force to check the thread density of the fabric and its elasticity. If it is unmoved with the action it is of great quality and vice versa. Second, Check the breathing and density of the fabric by holding it up to a light. Even if it is very fine, the fabric should not be transparent. If the fabric lets through a lot of light, it’s a sign that it is not very dense and therefore will not be very durable. Make sure the linen feels comfortable on the skin. Third, Lawn is not a soft garment by nature, but if it actually feels scratchy or rough, short/low-quality fibers were probably used, Lawn although has a crisp feel but is not at all scratchy or rough. With Lawn suits comes chiffon dupattas a mix and match from heaven. Chiffon with vibrant colors and softer feel makes it easier to carry lawn dresses.

  With lots of fashion designers focusing on Lawn during summer, we have few inhouse brands, while some great designers like Zobia Noor, Rana Arts, etc. also presenting their collections. Therefore, we guarantee a great buying experience at   

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